• LivLiv

    LivLiv Capsules are a natural hepato-protective unique formula containing natural ingredients with proven benefits. LivLiv contains Siliphos which is a lipid soluble complex of Silybin-Phosphatidycline (PC) which helps in liver cell protection due to its 10 times enhanced bioavailability. Siliphos protects liver cells by conserving the anti-oxidant enzyme glutathione, there supporting liver functions in jaundice of acute or chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, fibrotic liver and cirrhosis.

    LivLiv also contains Artichoke extract which supports in regulating the bile flow, it helps in relieving digestive disturbances (dyspepsia, loss of appetite, constipation, etc.) associated with liver dysfunction, also helps in lowering down blood cholesterol and supports detoxification.

    LivLiv has Turmeric extract which is a proven anti-inflammatory agent that helps in restoring liver cells and retaining the healthy liver functions.

    LivLiv provides hepatoprotection, super-antioxidant effects & anti-inflammatory effects in NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver diseases), NASH (Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis), Jaundice & Chronic Liver Diseases.