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We provide state of the art, neutraceutical products in Pakistan
and in international marketsĀ 

  • Fibo


    Fibo is a revolutionary fiber supplement of European origin which contains Wheat Dextrin and Green Tea extract. Fibo is taste free, sugar and gluten free. It completely dissolves in water, coffee, juice etc. Fibo supports digestive health and helps maintain regularity.


    Fibo Syrup

  • Cranmax


    Cranmax natural cranberry juice extract (vaccinium macrocarpon) which is clinically proven to promote a Healthy Urinary Tract. It is effective in reducing the incidence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).


    Cranmax Pro

  • C-Max

    Cmax is natural Aquamin based calcium fortified with the power of Inulin Complex. It contains highest elemental calcium in one sachet to fulfill the daily requirement of calcium needs.

  • Coferb


    Coferb contains Ivy Leaf which relieves productive cough and congestion. It liquefies mucus which makes it easy to expel out and makes breathing easy.

    Coferb Cough Syrup

    Coferb Cough Drops

    Coferb Plus

  • Instum

    Instum Quick Melt

    Instum Quick Melt (an Ins is a fast action natural remedy which provides high speed relief from heartburn and acid indigestion with a refreshing taste and leaves a cooling effect in the mouth and esophagus.

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  • Epti

    Epti Syrup

    A natural appetite stimulant for kids and adults containing herbal extracts imported from Europe, It naturally revives appetite and regularizes digestion, thereby increasing the dietary intake to meet the nutritional demands of the body in growing kids and adults. It promotes healthy weight gain and boosts vitality.

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  • Hilgas

  • Colorest

  • Rimona

  • Elferb

    Elferb Syrup

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